Last Month in Cyber – Issue 41

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Cybersecurity programs are often viewed by executives in two ways: 1) as an expense of doing business, or 2) as a driver of differentiation or internal transformation. A key factor that often distinguishes these two perspectives is the confidence your team has in the financial and operational impact that the program and investments will deliver in the future.

The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with industry insights and information that will positively impact your journey as you build a resilient cybersecurity program and organization.

We hope you enjoy the latest cyber news that has been curated just for you. Happy reading.

MARS Suite – Now in Tucson Arizona

As part of our commitment to defending and protecting Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Armed Forces, State Government, and Critical Infrastructure organizations, MARS Suite is expanding its resources in Tucson Arizona and will be establishing strategic relationships with organizations in the area. If you are in the Tuscon, Arizona region, please check our availability and schedule a meeting with our team.

Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity has joined forces with MARS Suite to tackle the rising cybersecurity challenges and address the growing demand for cyber talent. This partnership aims to create and deliver secure network solutions for rural communities, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the MARS Suite platform and other cybersecurity solutions. With an initial plan to support up to 10 rural communities in the first year, our goal with this collaboration is to strengthen cyber defense initiatives and bridge the gap for organizations that lack access to or cannot afford comprehensive cybersecurity services.

The MARS Suite team will be attending the upcoming industry events below. Please review our availability and schedule a time to meet with us at these venues!

July 13 | Tuscon, AZ

This annual event will include a number of speakers from the industry. Highlights will include Ivonne May. portfolio director for the Advanced Air Dominance programs, Advanced Technologies Mission Area, Raytheon Technologies discussing the acceleration of hypersonic advances and a panel of commercial space experts discussing the practical aspects of establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon. MARS Suite leadership will be in attendance!

July 26 | Tuscon, AZ

Attendees of this mixer will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how STEM learning integrates into all aspects of the exhibits and educational programs of Children’s Museum Tuscon. MARS Suite leadership will be in attendance!

October 12 | Phoenix, AZ

Organized by the Phoenix ISSA Chapter, this annual conference is one of the largest industry events in the region. All Points Logistics / MARS Suite leadership team members will be speaking at the event and will be an exhibitor.

September 25-27 | Lake Buena Vista, FL

InfoSec World is a renowned conference recognized as the ultimate “Business of Security” event. It offers several days of exceptional education, networking opportunities, and much more. Join the MARS Suite team at the event in September!

Taiwan Semiconductor has reportedly become a victim of a data leak that was caused by a cyber-attack on a 3rd party vendor. As we have discussed in previous posts, cyber-criminals, hackers, and enemies of the U.S. continue to launch aggressive and focused attacks on supply chains of manufacturers, healthcare providers, federal agencies, and critical infrastructure providers.

On June 15, 2023 it was announced that several US federal government agencies were hit in a global cyberattack that exploits a vulnerability in widely used software. CISA “is providing support to several federal agencies that have experienced intrusions affecting their MOVEit applications,” Eric Goldstein, the agency’s executive assistant director for cybersecurity, said in a statement on Thursday to CNN. It was not immediately clear if the hackers responsible for breaching the federal agencies were a Russian-speaking ransomware group that has claimed credit for numerous other victims in the hacking campaign.

Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and Phising attacks have become commonplace, and the attacks and breaches are growing. New generative AI tools like ChatGPT are now empowering cyber-criminals, hackers, and enemies of the U.S. on the Dark Web, and many believe we are in the middle of what some are calling a cyber cold war. CISOs for years have often been scapegoats for the lack of C-Level support, funding, and executive action when it comes to enforcing cyber hygeine and establishing a sustainable cyber security program. Are we too late, or can we reverse the great CISO resignation trend?

MARS Suite 2.0 Being Released – Beta Testing Opportunities!

The long awaited release of MARS Suite 2.0 is near. As we finish our internal testing of the newest 2.01 and 2.02 releases we are scheduling sneak peak demos with select organizations and industry partners. If you wish to view all of the major enhancements of the new release, or discuss how to participate in our Beta Testing and POV programs, please check our availability and schedule a meeting.

The U.S. Cyber Safety Review Board was initially set up with a great goal in mind—to delve deep into major cyber incidents and document their history. But somewhere along the way, it seems to have lost its focus. By investigating three specific historical incidents, the board has a chance to get back on track with its purpose and bring valuable insights into these significant cyber events. It’s time to refocus and fulfill the mission of providing a definitive account of these incidents.

The federal government has a crucial role to play in safeguarding companies, insurers, and the economy from the devastating effects of cyber-attacks. By providing assistance and support, the government can contribute to the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure, businesses, and the overall economy. This collaboration between the government and key stakeholders is critical to mitigating the risk and impact of future cyber-attacks.

Contact MARS Suite today and learn how our security and compliance as a service bundles can reduce the risk and cost associated with deploying a cybersecurity program.

The identity-led cybersecurity threat landscape is expanding, encompassing a wide range of risks and challenges. Organizations must stay vigilant to protect against identity theft, unauthorized access, social engineering, insider threats, and vulnerabilities introduced by emerging technologies.

Google has recently introduced the Secure AI Framework (SAIF) as a proactive measure to enhance the security of AI technology. The SAIF aims to address unique risks associated with AI systems, such as model theft, training data poisoning, and malicious injections. By implementing this framework, Google intends to mitigate these risks and ensure that AI systems are better protected from potential threats.

As supply chain cyber-attacks grow, and uncertainties persist, CFOs play a key role in mitigating risks and driving resilience within their organization. In 2023 more CFOs are rethinking their strategies and adopting proactive measures to navigate the risk associated with 3rd party vendors and the supply chain. New strategies are emerging that CFOs can leverage to effectively navigate and mitigate supply chain risk and safeguard their organizations’ future.

To mitigate the rising threat of supply-chain attacks, organizations are recommended to implement effective security measures. By following the best practices included in this article, organizations can enhance their security posture and better protect themselves against supply-chain attacks.

Cyber scammers are increasingly targeting Discord admin accounts, particularly within cryptocurrency-focused communities. By employing deceptive strategies, these scammers manage to obtain Discord tokens, granting them access to engage in fraudulent activities. Discord admins and users must exercise caution and remain vigilant against these types of cyber attacks.

CyberSeek offers valuable and free resources that empower organizations interested in the cyber security industry. It provides local employers, educators, guidance counselors, career counselors, students, current workers, policymakers, and other stakeholders with a platform to access comprehensive information and support. By leveraging CyberSeek, these individuals and organizations can make informed decisions, bridge the cybersecurity skills gap, and contribute to the growth and resilience of the cybersecurity workforce.

Contact MARS Suite today and learn about our rebate and incentive programs that can help offset the cost or fund your cyber security program.

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