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Simplify cybersecurity & compliance

Unified Platform – We reduced the need to buy, deploy, and operate multiple scanning, detection, response, and reporting technologies by combining various innovative security technologies into one powerful MARS Suite platform.

Custom Fit – We create tailored solutions powered by the MARS Suite platform to meet your unique requirements and needs, with multiple service and deployment options available. 

Proactively defend your brand & employees

Whether it’s ransomware, a data breach, or malicious insider threat, we understand the complexity of today’s business and cybersecurity challenges. Executives are struggling to keep up with the growing tsunami of cyber-attacks being launched against their employees and organization. MARS Suite’s solutions are designed to accelerate the launch or advancement of cybersecurity and risk capabilities within your organization.

Protect & enhance your business operations

Our comprehensive cyber and risk solutions are built on top of the MARS Suite – an integrated suite of modern cyber technologies designed to combat the latest cyber-attacks, preserve your ability to operate in regulated industries, and boost your business’s long-term strength.

Manage vulnerabilities & risks to stay a step ahead

Proactive, Not Reactive – MARS Suite doesn’t just react to vulnerabilities, risks, and threats. Our platform proactively scans, detects, alerts, and prioritizes risks and threats that can damage your brand, take down your operations, or destroy your livelihood.

Continuous Vigilance – Because we can include threat hunting, alert inspection, and incident response services within any MARS Suite deployment, you can consider MARS Suite your ever-watchful cyber guardian.

Save money & see faster return on investment

Many executives are looking to reduce their IT and cybersecurity spending or are seeking ways to get out of technical debt (old technology that is no longer creating value for the company). MARS Suite delivers an integrated suite of modern technologies and value-added services designed to:

  • Enhance your cyber defenses.
  • Reduce the need to hire expensive resources.
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs.
  • Ensure future investments create value for your business.

Flexible Deployment Options

The MARS Suite platform can be deployed on-premises or as a hosted Software as a Service solution. Additional solution and deployment options include:

Deployment & Training

We handle the heavy lifting of the MARS Suite platform deployment. We then train your team to run and operate the platform in-house.

Security as a Service

We deploy, tune, and operate the MARS Suite platform so you don’t have to. Additional security, management, and training services can be added in for a custom bundled solution.