Boise State Partners with MARS Suite to Empower Rural Communities Against Emerging Cyber Threats

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Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity has joined forces with MARS Suite to tackle the rising cybersecurity challenges and address the growing demand for cyber talent. This partnership aims to create and deliver secure network solutions for rural communities, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the MARS Suite platform and other cybersecurity solutions. With an initial plan to support up to 10 rural communities in the first year, our goal with this collaboration is to strengthen cyber defense initiatives and bridge the gap for organizations that lack access to or cannot afford comprehensive cybersecurity services.

A Gateway to Cybersecurity Expertise

Under the partnership, Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity will collaborate closely with MARS Suite, bringing together the university’s talented students and faculty with our cutting-edge cybersecurity platform. Edward Vasko, the director of the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity, highlighted the significance of this collaboration by stating, “This partnership will bring advanced, next-generation cybersecurity capabilities to rural organizations that would not otherwise be able to implement or afford cybersecurity services.” By pooling our collective expertise, we aim to empower rural communities and provide them with the critical cybersecurity support they need to protect their networks and infrastructure.

Enabling Hands-On Experience through the Cyberdome Program

One of the key aspects of this partnership is the involvement of Boise State University’s Cyberdome program. The Cyberdome program offers Idaho students the opportunity to develop their competencies while providing essential cybersecurity services to rural communities across the state. Through this collaboration, students will gain hands-on experience by deploying the MARS Suite platform in real-life scenarios, allowing them to develop practical skills that are in high demand in the industry. By engaging directly with the platform, students will be better prepared to address the ever-evolving cyber threats faced by organizations today.

Advancing Cybersecurity Capabilities for Rural Communities

Our team sees this as an opportunity to emphasize our commitment to the region and the nation in our mission to defend critical infrastructure, supply chains, and citizens from cyber criminals and enemies of the United States. The MARS Suite platform, designed specifically for small and medium-sized organizations, delivers continuous vulnerability and threat scanning, detection, alerting, response, as well as incident and risk management capabilities. By deploying this platform to rural communities, Boise State University and MARS Suite aim to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of these organizations, ensuring that they can protect themselves against emerging cyber threats.

Creating Skilled Cybersecurity Professionals

We expect the collaboration between Boise State University and MARS Suite to produce highly skilled cybersecurity professionals who can make an immediate impact on local organizations. By providing students with access to cutting-edge technologies and practical experience, this partnership enhances their employability and equips them with the skills needed to defend against cyber threats. With the ever-growing demand for cybersecurity experts, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity for students to contribute to their community while preparing for rewarding careers in the field.

Boise State University’s partnership with MARS Suite marks a significant step in addressing the pressing need for cybersecurity solutions in rural communities. By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to deliver secure network solutions and empower organizations that would otherwise lack access to comprehensive cybersecurity services. Through the involvement of the Cyberdome program, students will gain valuable hands-on experience, ensuring that they are well-prepared to face the challenges of the rapidly evolving cyber landscape. With this partnership, Boise State University and MARS Suite are not only protecting rural communities but also nurturing the next generation of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

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