Join us at the 2020 FAIF Cybersecurity Forum

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Cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise. They affect individuals and companies, and are a serious national security threat to our country. At the 2020 FAIF Cybersecurity Forum, we will be joining many others who are gathering virtually for this 2-day event to take a comprehensive look at the state of cybersecurity, emerging threats, and ways to better-manage risk.

You will find us at the All Points virtual booth, attending the various sessions, as well serving as part of one of the panels, CMMC Challenges and Opportunities at 11:30am Thursday, September 17th. Sid Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer for All Points and a critical member of the MARS Suite team, will join Dale Ketcham (Space Florida), Robert Abascal (AVT Simulation) and Rear Admiral Paul Sohl (U.S. Navy Retired and CEO of Florida High Tech Corridor Council), with Ryan Fierst (Florida Department of Economic Development) as the moderator.

Cybersecurity and data protection should be two top priority items for every organization, especially for those in the defense and insurance industries. We are excited to bring the MARS Suite offering to the 2020 FAIF Cybersecurity Forum as they address best practice approaches to providing cybersecurity, as well as the new federally mandated CMMC standards that are expected to be in effect soon.

MARS Suite focuses on improving cyber risk management decisions with a simplified risk dashboard that enhances data driven decision making, action prioritization, and resource allocation optimization, while delivering enterprise-wide situational awareness. The MARS Suite Common Operational Picture (COP) is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that instantly provides an understanding of the health of an organization’s cybersecurity posture to IT and non-IT professionals alike.
MARS Suite also assists with compliance program management, such as the DoD’s emerging CMMC contracting requirements. As DoD contractors ourselves, we have deep experience with NIST 800-171/53, DFARS, ITAR, HIPAA, and other mandates, and can assist organizations in becoming CMMC compliant. We work with companies to put a compliance persistence program in place, with MARS Suite at the center of enterprise cybersecurity posture monitoring and management.

Whether you are seeking a best practices approach to providing cybersecurity, or will be required to meet the new federally mandated standards that become effective this year, the series of educational offerings that will be provided at the 2020 FAIF Cybersecurity Forum will be invaluable to you and your organization.

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Panel Information:

11:30 am CMMC Challenges and Opportunities – How will CMMC Affect the Florida Economy?

This session will be the kick-off of DEO’s Cyber Training grants program which will cover such questions as: How does my business get started with CMMC implementation? What should we focus on first? How do we achieve the greatest impact at the least amount of costs? Who is impacted by CMMC? What information is considered protected by CMMC? This panel reflects Florida profiles from both the Florida government and defense sectors, Florida small/mid-size business owners, and the military.

Moderator: Ryan Fierst, Florida Department of Economic Development
Panelists: Dale Ketcham, Space Florida
Sid Kaul, All Points
Robert Abascal, AVT Simulation
Rear Admiral Paul Sohl (U.S. Navy Retired), CEO of Florida High Tech Corridor Council

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