June 20, 2024

Powered by Elastic, MARS Suite 2.0 Offers Unmatched Scalability and Security to Customers

Phoenix, Arizona – June 20, 2024 – MARS Suite, a leader in innovative cybersecurity solutions, today announced the launch of MARS Suite 2.0, now powered by Elastic. This latest version leverages the powerful features of Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack to provide customers with enhanced scalability, advanced analytics, and robust security.

MARS Suite 2.0 is designed to address modern enterprises’ dynamic and complex cybersecurity needs. By integrating Elastic’s cutting-edge technology, MARS Suite ensures that its customers benefit from a platform that is not only highly scalable and performant but also fortified with advanced security measures.

Elastic Security enables teams to see more, stop more, and scale security at the speed of business. Improve visibility, automate detection, and achieve comprehensive analysis across environments with a consolidated approach.

“We are thrilled to launch MARS Suite 2.0, powered by Elastic, which brings unparalleled advantages to our customers,” said Mark Dallmeier, President and CEO of MARS Suite. “Building our solution on Elastic allows us to offer unprecedented scalability, real-time analytics, and robust security features. Many of our customers operate in highly regulated industries and can now handle vast amounts of data effortlessly, gain actionable insights rapidly, and maintain the highest levels of data security.”

With Elastic’s real-time indexing and search capabilities, MARS Suite’s solution can quickly identify and respond to emerging threats, minimizing potential damage. Elastic’s centralized logging and monitoring streamline the management of security incidents and system performance, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency. 

About Elastic

Elastic (NYSE: ESTC) is a search company built on a free and open heritage, enabling everyone to find the answers they need in real-time using all their data at scale. Elastic’s search, observability, and security solutions are built on one technology stack that can be deployed anywhere, making data usable in real time and at scale. The Elastic Search AI Platform, the development platform used by thousands of companies, including over 50% of the Fortune 500, powers these solutions. From finding documents, monitoring infrastructure, and hunting for threats, Elastic’s comprehensive approach helps organizations operate efficiently and securely. Learn more at elastic.co.

About MARS Suite

MARS Suite is a Huntsville, Alabama-based technology company and developer of MARS Suite, an integrated suite of modern cyber technologies designed to combat the latest cyber-attacks and preserve businesses’ ability to operate in regulated industries. The company partners with a national network of MSPs, MSSPs, various Platform and Industry partners to provide security and compliance as-a-service and solutions to organizations operating in heavily regulated industries. For more information visit marssuite.com or contact marketing@marssuite.com.

June 4, 2024

PhotoShield Partners With MARS Suite to Bring Data Protection and Cyber Threat Detection, and Response Bundles to the Market.

PhotoShield a developer of innovative corporate data loss and protection software is partnering with cybersecurity platform provider MARS Suite Inc. to create and distribute data protection and cybersecurity threat prevention, detection, and response bundles for the channel.

“This is a great opportunity for MARS Suite and PhotoShield to help organizations operating in regulated industries to protect confidential, sensitive, or classified information from unauthorized access, while enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture,” said Shane Hade, CEO of PhotoShield. “By deploying PhotoShield as part of a MARS Suite’s enterprise-wide threat detection, alerting, and incident response platform we can bring advanced, next-generation cyber security and data loss prevention capabilities to IT Solution Providers, MSPs, and Value-Added Resellers across the U.S.

PhotoShield software was designed to prevent data from being viewed or accessed via shoulder surfing as it detects and implements controls when multiple people are in front of the computer screen, when no person is in front of the screen, and when end users attempt to bypass data viewing and access controls by blocking the camera or attempting to take photos or screen grabs of the computer screen.

“IT Solution Providers and MSPs in the channel are looking for cost effect and comprehensive solutions to address data access, data loss, and data security regulations for customers. By bundling PhotoShield software with MARS Suite’s enhanced detection, response, and risk management capabilities that are powered by Elastic, we can bring integrated Security and Compliance as a Service solutions into the market that can make an immediate impact on customers operating in regulated industries,” said Mark Dallmeier, President & CEO of MARS Suite Inc.

Under the partnership, MARS Suite Inc. will be reselling and distributing PhotoShield licenses, and will be creating MARS Suite / PhotoShield bundles for the channel. MARS Suite will also be providing enablement and training support on the PhotoShield technology as part of its channel partner enablement program.

“The MARS Suite platform was built to deliver continuous vulnerability and threat scanning, threat detection, alerting, and response, along with incident and risk management capabilities to small and medium-sized organizations,” said Dallmeier. “This partnership with PhotoShield demonstrates our commitment to the channel and nation, as we continue to bring innovative solutions into the market that will defend and protect our critical infrastructure, supply chains, corporations, and citizens from cyber criminals and enemies of the United States.”

Media Contact
Shane Hade, CEO PhotoShield, (917) 952-4205, shane.hade@photoshield.com

About PhotoShield
PhotoShield is a developer of innovative data protection, loss, and leakage prevention software. The software was developed to secure confidential, sensitive, or classified data that is viewed by end users via a computer screen. The growing volume cybersecurity attacks, data breaches, and data security regulations are driving organizations to improve data access and security controls on edge devices to ensure sensitive data is only being accessed and viewed by authorized personnel. For more information visit www.photoshield.com

About MARS Suite Corporation
MARS Suite is a Huntsville Alabama based technology company and developer of MARS Suite, an integrated suite of modern cyber technologies designed to combat the latest cyber-attacks and preserve businesses’ ability to operate in regulated industries. The company partners with a national network of MSPs, MSSPs, Platform and Industry partners, to provide security and compliance as-a-service and solutions to organizations operating in heavily regulated industries. For more information visit www.marssuite.com or contact marketing@marssuite.com.

April 9, 2024

Letter from the CEO

Greetings from MARS Suite!

I am excited to share that MARS Suite has achieved a significant mission milestone.

As you may be aware, the MARS Suite platform was developed through a joint venture between Mission Multiplier and All Points Logistics. Over the last few years, our team operated as the Cybersecurity Products and Solutions division of All Points Logistics. 

During our time within All Points we developed, tested, and commercially launched the MARS Suite platform, and delivered successful deployments within NASA, defense industry solution providers, and organizations operating in heavily regulated industries. The 1X version of MARS Suite went through the JITC review and was listed on the DoD’s Approved Product list. An enhanced MARS 2.0 platform was developed and released to the market in Q4 of 2023 and continues to create a significant impact on clients and partners.

I am thrilled to announce that in January 2024, we achieved lift-off, spun out of All Points Logistics, and are on our way to fulfilling our mission, as we operate as an independent entity.

This lift-off signifies a major mission milestone for not just MARS Suite, but for All Points Logistics and Mission Multiplier. Both organizations have made significant investments and sacrifices to bring an innovative cyber and risk management platform to the market, to swing the balance of the cyber-war back in the favor of the U.S. and our allies. We value and appreciate their investment and support.

As an independent company, we will have greater flexibility to respond to market demands, pursue new opportunities, and drive continued innovation and growth.

In conjunction with our spin-off, I am delighted to introduce GOVO Venture Partners, as our new strategic investment partner. GOVO Venture Partners brings a wealth of experience, resources, and industry insights to MARS Suite, and this partnership will be instrumental in fueling our future success.

Additionally, GOVO Venture Partners is partnering with All Points Ventures to co-lead a new funding round for MARS Suite. This funding will provide MARS Suite with capital to enhance our core platform, accelerate the development of new security and compliance as a service solution with partners, expand our reach into underserved markets, and enhance our customer experience. Read more here.

Defending our clients, partners, and our nation against cyber-attacks is why MARS Suite exists. The MARS Suite team is energized and committed to working with clients and partners to develop and deploy comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity and risk solutions that accelerate mission success and drive positive business outcomes.

Thank you all for the continued support of the MARS Suite team as we embark on the next stage of our mission. We value and appreciate our supporters, partners, and clients, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Please follow us on social media and check our new website at www.marssuite.com as we share additional exciting announcements over the next few months. 

Warm regards,

Mark Dallmeier
Chief Executive Officer
MARS Suite, Inc.

April 9, 2024

GOVO Venture Partners Co-Leads Seed Round
in MARS Suite

Winter Park, Florida – GOVO Venture Partners made its seventh portfolio company investment since announcing the launch of its venture fund, GOVO Fund I, in January, 2023. The investment is part of a $2 million seed round for the company, MARS Suite, Inc, that is being co-led by Govo and AP Ventures.

MARS, based in Huntsville, Alabama, offers an integrated suite of cybersecurity technologies that when combined together increase the velocity in which a small to medium sized organization can deploy a robust cyber and risk program. MARS is powered by modern cyber technologies designed to combat new and emerging cyber-attacks and threats, while addressing the controls required by federal and industry regulators.

Recognizing the critical technology and process gaps that exist in cybersecurity and compliance programs within small to medium-sized organizations in regulated industries, MARS developed its technology suite to combine cybersecurity IT and network scanning, alerting, detection and response technologies that used to power security and compliance as-a-service solutions for MSPs, MSSPs, and organizations looking to reduce the risk, cost, and time of become secure and compliant with industry and federal regulations. All of this is made accessible through proprietary dashboards, reports, automation, and specialized services.

Rob Panepinto, GOVO’s managing general partner, said of the investment, “Recent congressional testimony by FBI Director Christopher Ray reminded the American public that foreign actors intend to ‘wreak havoc’ on US interests. The hurdle for many small and medium-sized businesses, against both foreign and domestic cybersecurity threats, is the cost and complexity of cybersecurity technology. GOVO is attracted to MARS because it addresses these challenges with an experienced team of leaders and a solution tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.”

MARS Suite was commercialized through a joint venture formed between All Points Logistics, and Mission Multiplier, and the technology was initially deployed at NASA as part of a security operations engineering contract awarded to All Points Logistics. Phil Monkress, CEO of All Points Logistics and managing partner of All Points Ventures (AP Ventures) said, “MARS Suite is a great representation of the innovative technologies and companies that AP Ventures is investing in. We are actively investing in and helping to develop other disruptive and innovative technology companies and expect to make additional announcements around our portfolio companies in the near future.”

“MARS Suite was created to empower leadership teams with real-time visibility into cyber threats, IT vulnerabilities, and risks across the enterprise, enabling leaders and teams to make informed decisions on how best to prioritize and deploy response and remediation resources that will defend and protect the organization”, said Jamie Miller, CEO of Mission Multiplier and Co-Founder of MARS Suite. Mark Dallmeier, MARS Suite’s President and CEO said, “MARS eliminates the need to buy, deploy, operate, and maintain multiple cyber scanning, detection, response, and reporting technologies. 

The solution can be deployed on premise or through a SaaS model and can be purchased through our channel partners as part of a security and compliance as-a-service bundle. MARS provides the “easy button” for solving cybersecurity and compliance program complexity that the market has been searching for.” 



GOVO Venture Partners is a Winter Park, Florida based company. GOVO Fund I is a venture fund that invests, seed round through series A, in early-stage companies for which doing business with government or navigating government regulations is an important success factor. For more information, visit http://govovp.com.


All Points Ventures (AP Ventures) is pioneering the future of space, defense, cyber, and nano technology through strategic investments in dual-use technology and engineering ventures. We focus on funding, developing, and launching early-stage ventures, and support those ventures with industry connections and a proven launch system. AP Ventures is ready to transform early-stage technology concepts ideas into venture-scale, market-ready successes. For more information contact pmonkress@allpointsllc.com 


MARS Suite is a Huntsville Alabama based technology company and developer of MARS Suite, an integrated suite of modern cyber technologies designed to combat the latest cyber-attacks and preserve businesses’ ability to operate in regulated industries. The company partners with a national network of MSPs, MSSPs, various Platform and Industry partners to provide security and compliance as-a-service and solutions to organizations operating in heavily regulated industries. For more information visit https://www.marssuite.com or contact marketing@marssuite.com

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