Last Month in Cyber – Issue 38

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We keep an eye on what’s happening in the cybersecurity world so you don’t have to. Here’s a recap of what we considered the highlights from last month.

We hope you were able to attend the recent Cloud Security and Compliance Series (CS2) held in Huntsville on March 7 – 8. The MARS team had a number of great conversations and are looking forward to sharing the results of our market research study at the end of Q1. CS2 is specifically curated towards aerospace, defense contractors, and higher education institutions looking for practical approaches to address security threats, expand a culture of cybersecurity within their organization, and gain insights into cloud investment best practices. It was a great event and we’re already looking forward to next year!

March 21, 10:00am PST

Join executives from MARS Suite, Intuit, and other corporations for this engaging Linkedin Live discussion hosted by an award-winning MSP, Xceptional Networks on “Why Cybersecurity is Not a Priority”.

Ransomware and phishing attacks are still pervasive across most industry segments and markets, but some cyber criminal groups are rapidly diversifying their attack methods and exploits in an effort to diversify their revenue streams as some attacks become less profitable. Several ransomware gangs have developed ransomware variants in Rust, which allows them to expand their attacks from Windows and MacOS to Linux systems. Researchers also report that ransomware groups have shifted their focus to monetizing exfiltrated data and are moving to other criminal business models such as BEC attacks, stock fraud, cryptocurrency theft, and money laundering.

This week the White House published an updated vision for enhancing the nation’s cybersecurity posture. The document contains language carried forward from previous strategies around implementing legislation that establishes liability for software products and services that are distributed into the market with minimal regard for security. The new national cybersecurity strategy predicts and supports more involvement by cloud solution providers and the U.S. military in an attempt to disrupt cyber-crime and the growing tsunami of threats from China.

Contact MARS Suite to learn how we support and enable the new National Cybersecurity Strategy as we help to defend and protect your organization and mission critical systems.

Following the release of the White House’s new national cybersecurity strategy, the Transportation Security Administration will require agency-regulated airlines and airports to step up their ability to withstand malicious attacks, according to a cybersecurity amendment released this week. “Protecting our nation’s transportation system is our highest priority and TSA will continue to work closely with industry stakeholders across transportation modes to reduce cybersecurity risks and improve cyber resilience to support safe, secure and efficient travel,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement.

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Join this panel of industry experts from Core Insights, Boise State University, REDW, and MARS Suite, as we discuss how to defend and protect your organization as we experience market uncertainty, recession headwinds, and the growing tsunami of AI powered cyber-attacks!

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