Last Month in Cyber – Issue 33

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We keep an eye on what’s happening in the cybersecurity world so you don’t have to. Here’s a recap of what we considered the highlights from last month.

MARS Suite Showcased at the National Cyber Summit

MARS Suite was a proud sponsor of this year’s National Cyber Summit that was held in Huntsville, AL on September 21-22. The event team provided overviews and demonstrations of MARS Suite to various attendees.

MARS Suite and All Points Leadership team members participated on a CMMC Panel on September 21st and gave a presentation on defending against cyber adversaries on September 22nd. View the full agenda and download a copy of the All Points / MARS Suite presentation here.

MARS Suite and All Points Logistics have been supporters of the new Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering, and recently attended the ribbon cutting held on September 23rd. Located next to the All Points Logistics and MARS Suite offices, on the corner of Wynn Drive and Bradford Drive in Cummings Research Park East, the state’s newest magnet school has a total of 254 students from 61 cities and towns across the state, 103 of whom live on campus during the academic year. Unique courses offered include Technical Writing, Biotech, Music Tech, History of Cryptology, Social Engineering, and Offensive Security & Assurance.

In 2021 the FBI warned about synthetic content being generated by deepfake technologies may be used in a “newly defined cyber-attack vector” called Business Identity Compromise (BIC). Since that time, Business Identify Compromise attacks have increased. MARS Suite is way ahead of this attack vector as our leadership was published years ago discussing these types of attacks on businesses and warning the public and organizations about Brandjacking – when your organization or employee’s name/website/online presence is either stolen or duplicated for the purpose of theft or fraud. We discussed this attack during our recent presentation at last month’s National Cyber Summit.

BEC — an attack that uses social engineering methods to access internal systems to steal capital or data from businesses — continues to be a stronger source of revenue for cybercriminals as compared to ransomware. In 2021, BEC attacks accounted for 35%, or $2.4 billion, of the $6.9 billion in potential losses tracked by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), while ransomware remained a small fraction (0.7%) of the total. More business email compromise and brandjacking (or brand identity compromise attacks) are being used by cyber-criminals, hacktivists, and organized crime and are expected to increase leading up to the 2024 election.

Contact us to learn how MARS Suite can help monitor, defend, and protect your organization against next generation cyber-attacks and reduce the risk and cost associated with regulatory compliance.

Corporate boards are struggling to get on the same page with their security executives on how susceptible their organizations are to cyberattacks, according to a new survey. Email security company Proofpoint and MIT Sloan School of Management’s cyber program released a survey Tuesday detailing how 600 board directors worldwide view the cyber threats facing their companies.

Regulators are considering placing more pressure on board members to understand company cybersecurity plans in response to the tsunami of cyber-attacks and growing number of data breaches impacting organizations across dozens of industries. The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed amendments to its rules to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident reporting by public companies. Under proposed SEC rules, company boards of directors would be responsible for conducting oversight of cybersecurity risks.

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