Last Month in Cyber – Issue 32

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We keep an eye on what’s happening in the cybersecurity world so you don’t have to. Here’s a recap of what we considered the highlights from last month.

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Several agencies recently released a compendium of suggested practices for software developers. Recent nation-state-led cyberattacks like the one on SolarWinds, which compromised its agency customers, as well as exploits taking advantage of software vulnerabilities like Log4j prompted the Enduring Security Framework — a cross-sector working group concerned with high-priority cyber threats to national critical infrastructure and the supply chain — to issue the guide.

The defense contracting community has been talking about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for two years now with little being done around auditing and enforcement. Now, however, with the new and improved—even if still somewhat flawed—CMMC version 2.0 being released, it’s finally time for contractors to start moving toward CMMC certification.

The Army is set to create a new offensive cyber and space program office in 2023, spinning it off from its electronic warfare portfolio.

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The healthcare sector has been under enormous strain. Unprecedented demand, massive workforce absences, and supply shortages have negatively impacted the delivery of care. Ensuring smooth daily operations, quality patient care, and employee safety now go hand-in-hand with safeguarding computing systems from malicious cyberattacks.

Vulnerability disclosures impacting IoT devices increased by 57% in the first half (1H) of 2022 compared to the previous six months, according to new research released by Claroty, the cyber-physical systems protection company. The State of XIoT Security Report: 1H 2022 also found that over the same period, vendor self-disclosures increased by 69%.

When it comes to cyber security, engaging your workforce can be difficult, so focusing on simple but effective best practices is key. Here are 10 behaviors to encourage internally that will help defend your organization against the growing tsunami of cyber threats.

In December of 2021, the Federal Trade Commission updated a Safeguards Rule that
was designed to protect consumer personal and private information and is expected to strengthen information security programs within non-banking financial institutions.
The current Safeguards Rule that has been in effect since 2003 requires financial institutions to create and maintain an information security program to protect customer information. When key provisions of the updated Safeguards Rule go into effect in December of 2022, organizations providing various loan and financial services within various industries will be required to deploy up to 15 different elements within their information security program.

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