Revolutionize your cyber risk management

Simplify cyber risk scoring. Prioritize situational understanding. Optimize cyber posture. Achieve compliance.

CMMC Compliance

Achieve compliance with a SIEM fit for you

MARS Suite provides contractors large and small with the scanning and SIEM capabilities they need for compliance, without the big-SIEM price. With proper implementation, contractors can use MARS Suite to cover 40 or more of the CMMC practices necessary for compliance.

Combating cyber adversaries just got easier.

Track Relevant Assets

We help you identify key IT assets, then define and monitor measurable, actionable, meaningful cyber metrics related to those assets

Ingest Data from Disparate IT Sensors

We ensure that you have crucial tools and sensors in place, then show you how best to use those tools to gather the data you need

Cross-Reference Interrelated Data

We leverage Secure Content Automated Protocol (SCAP) to normalize the data from different sources so it can be more easily compared and utilized

Summarize Results

The resulting information is used to present business intelligence analytics and an organization-wide dynamic risk scoring dashboard

Report from Multiple Perspectives

The dashboard scores and tracks progress at enterprise-level, but also allows you to drill down and view unique scores from business unit and IT system-level perspectives

NSA NIAP Tested & JITC Approved

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