Executive Order Shows the Need for Enhanced Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity has been in the spotlight recently, and for many good reasons. In the first quarter of 2021, a Russian cyber espionage operation resulted in the hacking of nine American governmental agencies and more than 100 companies.[1] Separately, a Chinese hacking event led to hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses experiencing information theft. More recently, the Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel supplier for the East Coast of the United States, had its operations hacked, and the flow of fuel stopped until the company paid a ransom to the hackers.

On May 12, President Biden issued an executive order for the Commerce Department to develop preliminary guidelines for supply chain security within six months. The final guidelines must be published within one year. MARS Suite is poised to help businesses of all sizes comply with the Commerce Department’s impending guidelines.

Check for Vulnerabilities

There are always new vulnerabilities in software. Even if you’ve been running it for years, a new risk can develop. Checking for vulnerabilities must be an ongoing process. Your business will need a tool to look for vulnerabilities in your firewall, switches, routers, servers, and applications.[2] The wide scope of vulnerability scanning means that you need an automated tool to do it for you.

Identify Software Flaws

President Biden’s executive order includes language about reporting compromised software within three days. Software flaws are a special type of vulnerability that leaves confidential and proprietary information available for exploitation.[3] MARS Suite facilitates the identification of these critical software flaws. It can also assist with reporting of the flaws, so businesses will be in compliance with the new federal regulations.

Ensure Up-to-Date Source Code

Out-of-date source code puts your data at unnecessarily high risk for a cyberattack. More than 52% of vulnerabilities are the result of out-of-date source code in critical software.[4] A tool that automatically checks your source codes and suggests patches, fixes, and updates helps lower your risk of hacking.

Create Automated Tools for Source Code Validation

Source code analysis tools can check all of your company’s software to make sure that its code is up to date. These tools highlight the exact line of code that’s causing a problem.[5] This cuts down on the time that it takes to fix the issue. If the code can be compiled, the analysis tool can determine if it’s robust.

MARS Suite facilitates compliance with current and pending federal cybersecurity standards. By taking a proactive stance on cybersecurity, business owners can limit their risk and make data-driven decisions about protecting their data. The easy-to-use dashboard, real-time cyber risk posture visibility, and helpful advice will help your business avoid a cyberattack. To learn more about the protection MARS Suite has to offer, contact us today.


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