CMMC Updates April 2022

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CMMC is ready to evolve in 2022. Learn more about the updates below.

MARS Suite is located in Huntsville and this investment will continue to increase growth in cyber and IT network monitoring.
The FBI’s continuing growth in Huntsville has now topped more than $2.48 billion, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby said Thursday.
In an announcement from the retiring senator, Shelby lauded the growth at Redstone Arsenal after Congress approved spending bills for the 2022 fiscal year that included $570 million for FBI construction at Redstone Arsenal.
The package of spending bills has been sent to President Joe Biden for his signature
Founded in 2015, Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity.
It provides a comprehensive defense that is designed to protect against the most evasive unknown malware in real-time, across an organization’s endpoints, servers, and mobile devices, whether or not connected to the network or to the Internet.
For a lot of companies, it is not what they think it is and the reason is primarily based on misplaced assumptions. Too many people and companies view CMMC and their compliance activities as strictly an IT issue, when that is a very misguided assumption. For most Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), IT is very rarely fully managed in-house, rather it is usually outsourced to a local Managed Service Providers (MSP) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) thinking that these “IT experts” will handle it for them. The reality is that the traditional model used by MSP/MSSP is not conducive to CMMC compliance, based on the data-centric nature of the practices that Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) must implement and govern to attain and maintain CMMC compliance. There are some MSP/MSSP that fundamentally understand this concept, but the vast majority are operating a business model that values economies of scale to provide affordable security services to smaller companies that lack dedicated staff. In this model, compliance is not the driving concern and that is not good for CMMC compliance.

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