CMMC Updates June 2021

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June 2021 CMMC Updates

June was a whirlwind in the CMMC ecosystem. We’ve collected some of the biggest updates from the last month for you to stay caught up.

In early June, we saw the first Certified Third Party Assessment Organization officially get placed on the CMMC Marketplace by the CMMC Accreditation Body. This was a huge step in the development of the entire CMMC ecosystem.
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As Kratos and Redspin entered the Marketplace as the first C3PAOs, a survey from industry association IPC started raising concerns that electronics manufacturers may find the costs of implementing CMMC to be too prohibitive to keep operating in the DIB.
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While not technically CMMC news, this one is still worth noting. This month, we saw the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Mark Warner, release a draft mandatory cyber incident reporting bill that would require certain entities to report hacks within 24 hours of their discovery.
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CMMC-AB CEO Addresses Concerns About Cost and Disputing Assessment Results
During the PSC conference, CMMC-AB CEO Matthew Travis took time to discuss how the AB and the DoD want to assist small businesses with the costs of certification, as well as some of the ins-and-outs of what would happen if a contractor felt they had reason to dispute the results of their assessment.
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Katie Arrington Has Clearance Suspended Pending Investigation
Katie Arrington, the Pentagon official who has been overseeing CMMC, has been placed on leave and had her security clearance suspended in connection with a suspected unauthorized disclosure of classified information from a military intelligence agency.
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