Making CMMC Compliance Accessible for Everyone

Who Needs CMMC Compliance Assistance?

The simple answer: if you currently have contracts or are hoping to have contracts with the US Department of Defense, you will need to become CMMC Compliant.

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How does CMMC Compliance happen?

CMMC Compliance is a process that businesses will have to go through to ensure their systems are secure. To make this happen, businesses will require SIEM capabilities (if you’re wondering what a SIEM is, we have a simple explainer below). MARS Suite has pre-built scanning and SIEM capabilities to help contractors large and small check the boxes for multiple controls they need for compliance. MARS Suite combines enterprise-wide continuous monitoring with letter grade risk scoring in a dynamic dashboard, giving you an intuitive view of your entire organization’s real-time cyber risk posture.

Beyond the tool suite, our team of experts can guide you through the entire gamut of CMMC compliance, from initial needs assessment to maintaining compliance long-term.
Achieve compliance with a SIEM fit for you

MARS Suite provides contractors large and small with the scanning and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities they need for compliance, without the big-SIEM price. With proper implementation, contractors can use MARS Suite to cover 40 or more of the CMMC practices necessary for compliance.

For those wondering, ‘what is a SIEM and why do I need it?’ – we can help!

The short answer, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software compiles and analyzes activity from a variety of sources across your entire IT infrastructure.
SIEM solutions, like MARS Suite, help reduce the threat of security breaches, prioritize your areas of focus for cybersecurity needs, and provide data to help teams make informed decisions.

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